Interview with Mike Johnson, Author of “Blonde to the Bone”

Mike Johnson’s book, “Blonde deep down,” has recently been discharged for the current week (2/27/06). We are glad to have the capacity to meeting Mike in all his energy. Welcome to Reader Views, Mike.

Irene: “Blonde deep down” was recently distributed for the current week. This is energizing news. Tell our perusers the essence of the story.

Mike: Leo Calvet, a mold tycoon, vanishes. Daniele and Michele, his fighting, wonderful twin little girls, leave on a confounding excursion to discover him, taking after surreptitious signs. Things are not as genuine as they appear when Michele’s life partner, Rick, vanishes just before their eyes and the sun stops. The hunt takes the sisters, Rick and Jack – Daniele’s “date” – on a phenomenal journey from Washington D.C. to Paris where they find a psychological militant intrigue to topple the Eiffel Tower. Throughout the enterprise, the sisters reveal reality about their competition while each goes gaga for the other’s man.

Irene: “Blonde deep down” is your second distributed novel. What motivated you to compose it?

Mike: I could state that it was the full moon on an excellent August night in San Diego. That night in the patio I had effectively concluded that I was prepared to start another venture, and keeping in mind that gazing at the moon Blonde deep down just came to me – obviously it was a take-off on George Thorogood’s melody, Bad deep down. I simply loved the title. Sounded fun. So you could state I figured out a story that I thought would fit the title, yet with enough profundity to keep it out of the droll drama field.

Irene: Although this book is engaging, it additionally gives an extraordinary way to deal with familial critical thinking. What was your central goal to incorporate this approach in the book?

Mike: No genuine mission there. My essential goal for the book was diversion. Something to give the peruser a smaller than expected get-away. Just fun. Past that, I assume you could state that I needed my characters to be “great” and “adoring” individuals. The world will never have excessively of individuals administering to each other, and in my books I embrace those excellencies. Yet, any individual who peruses the book will realize that the approach introduced is outlandish considering the present condition of innovation. I might want to feel that Leo is acting like any cherishing father: willing to go to any outrageous to guarantee his little girl’s satisfaction and prosperity. I really stressed a lot that numerous perusers would hold his approach against him. By and by I wouldn’t advocate keeping an eye on one’s grown-up kids to take in reality – yet it beyond any doubt would rest easy, wouldn’t it?

Irene: How did you make the characters in your book?

Mike: I make them on request. An author needs to ask, “Who should be in this book?” With Blonde deep down for a title, I thought I required a lovely youthful gullible lady (isn’t that who we would ordinarily connect with such an expression?), and thought the possibility of indistinguishable twins would be considerably more enjoyable to work with than one character. Along these lines Michele and Daniele woke up. They are really a similar individual with a juxtaposition of inward choices around two conceivable ways to be taken in life by a similar person. Michele picked one way and Daniele the other, from fundamentally the same Tabla Rosa. Actually, any light, engaging story needs some sentiment, so Rick and Jack came around. However, what was occurring? The characters required issues to be settled.

In spite of the fact that I needed the book to be fun, life is loaded with difficult issues. I believe Daniele’s issue is most likely genuinely across the board at some level, and something that a large number of female perusers would comprehend at a profundity of experience past my own. I had no aim of downplaying what I’m certain are intense issues for some ladies, yet I do trust that the capacity to snicker at life’s issues, even the genuine ones, makes for a more sound mental state. Also, I get a kick out of the chance to imagine that most men, as they age and have kids, are cherishing like Leo, and might want to discover a way to determine their little girl’s issues. In this way Leo was the impetus to settling the contention. Different characters go back and forth as required – however I think I began to look all starry eyed at Valerie! (Try not to tell my better half… )

Irene: How quite a bit of “genuine living” is there in this book? Is there quite a bit of you in “Blonde deep down?”

Mike: How can there not be? Composing, particularly books, originates from one’s own understanding. Regardless of the possibility that you’re composing something totally obscure to you, you should grasp it before you can compose convincingly about it. Consequently, it turns into your very own piece understanding. When you communicate in composing, your identity will, by definition, turned out. Then again, it is a novel, and totally anecdotal. None of what occurs in the book at any point transpired or any other person I know, other than minutia, those seemingly insignificant details that assistance to convey life to a scene, or those identity qualities that characterize a character.

To state what those things are particularly, I’d need to backpedal page by page and see which one’s originated from my own understanding and which one’s I anticipated into characters in view of perceptions of genuine individuals. One comes to mind: In one scene, one of the fundamental characters says he thought the CIA was in an alternate some portion of the D.C. territory. That was really me. While on business, I’d driven through Langley two or three times on my approach to Patuxent River, and thought the office was situated there. It wasn’t until I was inquiring about that I found, in a worldwide satellite picture program, that the CIA is in an alternate Langley.

To answer your question all the more specifically, I figure I’d need to state I’m a blend of Jack and Rick, inclining toward Jack. Perhaps some time or another when I grow up, I’ll be Leo.

Irene: When perusing your book, I found that you set up the scenes extremely well. I had a feeling that I was “in that spot” with the characters. Would you tell our group of onlookers how you set up these scenes so that the peruser feels like they could assume the personality and be a piece of the plot?

Mike: I’d say it’s a mix of creative ability and seeking. I envision myself in each scene and turn out to be each character. From that point I simply glance around and record what I encounter, attempting to connect with each of the five detects, and search for those subtle elements that are regular to everybody. For subtle elements that won’t not be so regular to a normal American peruser, I endeavor to portray them with the end goal that the peruser will comprehend, and hence, share the experience. For instance, in an activity scene I attempt to feel what the character is feeling with the goal that I can put those sensations in the composition. On the off chance that an auto is driven off of a wharf, the driver would have a sentiment weightlessness. The vicarious experience turns out to be significantly more genuine, and charming, if when the character is feeling it, the peruser is feeling it also.

Irene: What sort of research did you do before you composed the book? Did you really visit a portion of the spots you say in your book?

Mike: My better half and I went to Paris on an excursion, and I went with the goal of exploring areas for the secret. I was agreeably astonished at a few things I learned, and without giving ceaselessly a lot of the plot, a specific line from a specific landmark really pointed to our lodging room. The vast majority of the Parisian scenes depended on areas that we went to – including a plenty of walkway bistros. In any case, Blonde deep down was a considerable measure of amusing to compose on the grounds that I didn’t require a great deal of research. In the age of the Internet, research is at the tips of our fingers – or essentially the grasp of a mouse, for my situation.

A large portion of what I had to know originated from sites – like the CIA case in your past question. To make the innovation in the book conceivable, I looked into DNA registering – both the present condition of innovation and anticipating the potential out into what’s to come. I have additionally been to Washington D.C. commonly on business. What’s more, the first cover craftsmanship for “Blonde deep down” was acquired from a Parisian craftsman most of the way over an extension over the Seine close to the Louver.

In a little side note, I work for an organization called Computer Sciences Corporation, who was the backer of the Lance Armstrong Tour de France group. Our trek to Paris coincidentally coincided with the closure of the Tour de France, and Lance Armstrong was up for his record-breaking seventh Tour de France win. Our arrival flight was on the morning of the last day of the race. At around eight o’clock or something like that, we cleared out our lodging (the Hilton Paris) and surrounded the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs Elysees on our way to the airplane terminal. They were at that point setting up the street for the last race. We were most of the way over the Atlantic when the race finished, and the pilot declared over the PA framework that Armstrong had won. So I will always have the capacity to state that I was on the Champs Elysees the day Armstrong impacted the world forever in the Tour de France. I simply didn’t occur to see him do it.